Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FrånkenLämp Update

It has been over two months since I committed to posting updates at least every other week.

This has been working rather well for me. It's about time that I updated the banner on the site to reflect this fact. I try to stay a post or two ahead, and I have been occasionally inserting smaller updates on the off-weeks.

This is one of those smaller updates. It is a follow up to the two-part FrånkenLämp story.

Part I inspired this comment:
...You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish it was already Tuesday after next to read part two of the FrånkenLämp adventure. Critics are calling it "the most thrilling quest for accent lighting of our age."
And the conclusion inspired this one:
It's here! The thrilling conclusion to the FrånkenLämp saga. Critics are heralding it as: "Poignant. An accent lighting adventure to end all accent lighting adventures. A coming-of-age lamp tale that is both riveting and thought-provoking."

Both comments were from the person for whom the lamp was being constructed... So she may have been slightly biased...

I am happy to say that she is very happy with it (if you couldn't tell by the comments above). Here is an artfully staged action shot of  FrånkenLämp in its new home:

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  1. My comments were not biased; the FrånkenLämp is just awesome. :)